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Acolyte tagged me, and seeing as I didnt have any choice, here goes:

Post six weird facts/habits about yourself.
These cannot be used against you later on :)
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6 weird things about me

I need a finance manager – although I hate misers and cant stand people that penny pinch, I don’t keep track of my finances and sometimes spend more than I have. I am generous to a fault and hence always a fair bet when it comes to sponging on people. Although I don’t buy the most expensive thing on the list, most times I don’t believe that cheap is cheap – although I will not scoff at a bargain. Oh and by the way, I am aware of my account balance, how much I owe, what bills I have or haven’t paid, the last time I paid for something and how much, all in my head. Ok so I need a brain manager then! And while we are at it, could you put all these thought and perspectives into a manageable order? Could you make all thought processes follow each other chronologically and ..er.. logically. I seem to have a brain that moves so fast that I cant keep track of it. And, while you are still filing stuff, could you also do a ‘Recycle Bin’ on my brain so that I can get rid of all them thoughts that are redundant and occupying useful space, but don’t really ‘bin them forever’ unless I advice you to?

Following on the above, I have never borrowed money from a friend or family. It is said (yes, by me too) that I have my father’s pride. I will help a friend in trouble financially if they ask, but I will never ask for same. I have been burnt a couple of times, and for considerable amounts by ex’s who owed me lots when we broke up, but I chalk that down to experience – although I never bloody seem to learn – what a wuss! And that also goes for asking for help, any kind of help. I am stupidly independent, and have never once had a man pay my rent or give me money for any reason unless he wanted me to go over and pay for groceries or something (even when we lived together for 4yrs with an ex, we went Dutch on everything, oh and I was the higher earner so I got to foot most of the bills, a sucker, me). I remember one ‘person’ who I had visited took me to a mall and put his credit card on the cash register in a store (notice the whole American slang (store, mall) and said I could get anything I wanted from a particular designer shop. Half an hour later, we left empty-handed. He wasn’t amused and to this day will not believe that I will not marry him, seeing that I had paid for my flight, paid for a dinner in a ‘posh’ restaurant, and bought him presents for that shopping trip (another post for another day). If you want to buy me a present, please do so in your own time, if you know me then you should know what I like and do not like – showing me that you are loaded and can afford anything isn’t one of those.
I have had sentiments to the tune of ‘you should have bought the most expensive things and watch him squirm’ from a few females – but that is not me. I prefer to be real with myself and others, and gold-digger doesn’t rhyme with Guessaurus. Oh and before I get all of you going all ‘girl power’ on me, I do it with family, friends, females and foes. I have been independent from family since I was 18yrs old and I find it hard to have someone else call the shots on what I can and cant spend money on, and if it is someone else’s money, well – count me out!

Following on the brain management, I have a near photographic memory. Near because it does fail me. I cannot cram things in my brain. For revision, I just write the little notes and just kinda take a mental picture, when the question comes, I remember the notes the way they are written, where they are on the page, and the order they are in. Problem with that is if you skip over one line then the whole deck falls over. Oh and while there, I remember verbatim what the tutor/lecturer was saying when teaching about the specific subject. I am amazed that I was never called out for cheating cos I can duplicate things word for word. It does help that I can take something and word it differently, oh and I have a knack for applying things into real life situations. For this memory prowess, I have had problems with people especially lovers cos when an argument comes, I can remember what you said, when, where, and what you were doing/wearing/eating when it came up. Scary and annoying for them I would think. Oh, and I have to switch off everytime someone has to repeat something they have said to me before, and worse still, I could finish it for you, tell you when you told me it, and even tell you where, when, what we were doing and the circumstances. I hope there aren’t any more people like me out there cos they might be thinking ‘Oh, how is that for a taste of your old poison G’ LOL I always worry that I haven’t forgotten that I have said the same thing to the same person before and couldn’t remember. So friends, if I start a sentence with: ‘I am not sure if I have said this to you before’ – and start off, then wait to hear if you remember. It means that I have said it to someone else already. And if it is something like: I LOVE YOU – then disregard the disclaimer. (so going to hell in a fish basket)
And, and, my bossman (no, spellchecker, that is not Bosnian – I know some but that is neither here nor there) knows about my near photographic memory – he relies on it for things that need a ‘top of your head, G’ answers. I keep numbers and figures in my brain that would mean absolutely nada to the rest of the world, but have saved my department and I a whole lot of grief. A name or a number trigger all sorts of stuff that I can recite with 98% accuracy, going back a couple of years – and that is just work!

Was this supposed to be short and to the point?

For Uaridi and Future Diplomat – my comrades in arms (pun intended)
I was born left handed, but I am now ambidextrous. When I enrolled self to nursery school at the age of four, the teacher was a family friend (I know I have said this before, so bear with me, I am not discounting my near-photographic memory). I remember, at age 4 being taught how to make the ‘puppet man’ and we had to cut paper and attach it to strings et al. For a four-year-old, it is disconcerting to not do what everyone else is doing (including my older by two years sister, whom I followed to school hence my self-enrolment) especially the part that you had to cut paper using scissors. I have a love-hate relationship with scissors, and when my nursery teacher made me learn how to use scissors with my left hand unsuccessfully, I had a hard time there, me being the little human that I was – in age and size, mind.
My mother, one of my older sisters, myself, my little brother, and my nephew are all lefties – but we all use the right hand – so there!

The following aren’t advantages of being left-handed, they are advantages of being ‘born’ left-handed but being forced to be right handed

The right side:

I had to learn how not to shake hands using my left
I had to learn to eat with my right
I had to learn to offer ‘food’ to elders with my right
I had to learn to write with my right
I still cannot use scissors properly – or cut in a straight line.
I can only ‘rub’ (use eraser) with my left hand
I can only ‘rule’ (use ruler) if held by right, rule by left
If you offer me something, I pick with my left, and then transfer to the right
If I have to write, I pick pen with left, transfer to right and then write
If I have to use knife and fork, I am ok using the ‘right’ hand, but have to switch to ‘eat’
I cannot tell left from right – I use my ‘polio’ mark on my left hand to tell me that is the left

The ‘left’ side:

I can eat with either hand
I can write from right to left and left to right using either hand (left hand is clearer than right hand when doing the whole right to left biz)
I can read from all ways– left to right, right to left, upside down, through the mirror – and all other till August- if it is written in ‘English’ I will read it – go ahead and try me! (akiey, help!)
I can ‘rub’ dextrously with both hands LOL – and I do!
I am left footed
And left punched (LOL don’t get into a punchup with me)
Most humans stimate (not under-estimate, but neutral estimate) you till you ‘show’ your ‘left’ handedness, and then they are in awe, as if you are a ‘special lot’. And we are!
Apparently most left-handed people are quite intelligent – see, we use more ‘braincells’ that the normal right hand humans

So you see, the ‘rights’ outweigh the ‘lefts’ but that is not something new, is it?

I am severely introverted. Don’t be fooled by my bon homie – I would rather be sitting alone at home and doing ‘nothing’ than be in a crowd doing ‘it all’. I am notoriously social when out and will be the first to introduce myself and make small talk but in ‘real life’ I would rather not one person knew about my me or my life if I can help it. Not that I have anything to hide and trust me I feel obligated to give some personal details, but if I had a choice, I would be the ‘Jane Doe’ of the world. I make friends easily, and people trust me with their life’s secrets, but like I said before, I find it hard to ‘open’ up to people.
If I meet a person and they gives me the whole ’20 questions’ routine – my favourite being ‘where do you come from? Or even ‘what tribe are you? When they are Kenyan, then I clam up faster than you can say ‘Armenian’. I find it most insulting when you need to know my tribe before you know my name!

I use this blog as a personal account of what I don’t and wouldn’t say out loud to people who know me (the personal bits that is). The things I say here are not known to people who personally know me (the ones I have met through meet-ups notwithstanding). I don’t say anything here that I wouldn’t say to anyone named here to their faces, but you, my dear readers are the ones that get the blunt of the edited version.

Seven: I love the storm – especially after the ‘heatwave’ that we have been experiencing here in the UK I am soo cool with the whole rain going on. I love when there is thunderstorms and lightening all that stuff – I sleep like a baby – after enjoying same. And for those UK residents trying to give me a black eye, just do this one for Geography’s sake:

You live in land sorrounded by water
It has been extremely hot for the last coupla days
Moisture from the seas has been absorbed to the atmosphere
Thereby creating clouds (dont even dare ask whence they come from)


Hey presto!!!


Big rain, thunderous rain

I suppose this is atmospheric Karma (do not dare laugh at my made-up geographical phenomena)

Needless to say, I shall be sleeping snugly, smugly (and not ‘muggy’) tonight.

How is that for a forced-confessional :)

Am I going to tag anyone?

If you read this and feel like doing it, knock yourself out – no pressure!
I suppose the ‘tag’ (read: buck) stops with me!