Gripe II – Power

I am aware that most of you know about the power problems in Kenya – and especially Nairobi – well, sorry but status quo still reigns supreme. I personally feel that power is as common in Kenya as the bulb going on in our esteemed fossils mental faculties – very rare, intermittent and not very bright.

I have said more than once that I am afraid of the dark – totally. So being here does nothing to alleviate my phobia. Needless to say I have found myself alone in the house, in the dark, frightened to my painted toes and absolutely livid. What is even worse is that power tends to go out on Sunday at 7pm – you can set your watch by it :( – and when you wake up in the morning you can bet the microwave will be asking for a time reset – I do that a hundred times a week.

I still dont get it! We have had electricity in Kenya as long as we have had… er…. I dont know – William ole Ntimama :D – but still KPLC cannot sort itself out. Not to mention that when I got my bill it was billed for the consumption up to the 29/09/06 and had to be paid up by the 30/09/06 – the bloody cheek of those yahoos (yes, I am aware of the 14day grace period, so there). If we are still paying our bills (and on time too) and the customers have increased exponentially in the years, the technology has massively improved and oh.. I am assuming the knowhow of the people in KPLC has also evolved more than… lets see… Njenga Karume .. another of our fossils of power.. Why oh why can they not sort out their equipment and all other stuff so they can provide 24hrs power supply to their long suffering customers?

LOL something else that still exists in newspapers that i had forgotten about was the notice for the interruption of power supply…

All that isnt just bad – how would you like to be in the dark (literally and figuratively) when your neighbours on both sides of the fence have power but you dont have any? Ati you use different power lines but the same generator so yours has kwamad…and the damn mosquitoes decide that is their cue for ‘dinner is served’ and then you hear the by now familiar sound of a giant cockroach scratching the floor, and you sure as hell cant see the blasted creeepy… aaaaaggggghhhh

That is another story for another day :(

I am ready to migrate again I tell ya.