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A life well lived

Not many of us are blessed to have a life as long and fullfilling as my Grandmother had. Not only did she live to be a hundred, but of those years, after her kids had grown and ‘flown the coop’ she continued to enjoy herself, taking holidays all over the place and visiting friends, taking life in its stride and not letting one thing hold her back.

As far as we could remember, my nan never got sick – she was the strongest (both physically and emotionally) woman we knew, and she did everything for herself. She was beautiful – so beautiful that it is said we all got our genes from her – oh and those legs – I have to tell you even in her nineties she had the most beautiful, strong, long, straight legs of any woman even half her age.

She was a trendy Cucu – none of those embarrassing moments with her grandkids – actually she was well travelled, well dressed, knowledgable and all, always groomed to perfection – even her house was neater than anyone else’s – her food immaculately cooked and served – her tea always hot and her cups never chipped. She cooked for herself and never, ever allowed anyone to go near her kitchen or utensils. I think through my Dad we have all inherited a little bit of my nan – especially the strength, the beauty, and the legs – yeah I have to emphasize the legs cos.. well, We girls in the Guess family are known for our legs..

I remember the last time I saw her – Dec 26, 2005. I went to visit her with my sister and we sat, had a cup of tea and chatted for a while. She took my hands in hers and said .. G kai weruhire atia wathii ruraya – (G, you have got lighter-skinned since you went abroad) and I had to tell her that that is what winters do for your melanin – although in not so many words. Even at that age, you would never lack a topic to talk with her – she had grown a bit frail and didnt travel around anymore, but she still did all her work – which was both sad and surprising cos to me she is the epitome of strength and I couldnt imagine her giving in to someone else taking over what is essentially her only hold to her stubbornness.

And boy was she stubborn – and that has been directly cascaded down to my dad and I – no question about that. The stubbornness, the independence, the strength of mind and the ability to be self-sufficient while drawing people together is my legacy from my grandmother.

Sadly, that spirit to live on and that tower of strength, that fire and that determination, was extinguished last Saturday Morning – 25th November 2006.

I know God has given you a lot more time than most
I know you have lived your life to the full
Utilised most of that time and seen your family grow
You have lived to see your children, grandchildren
Great grandchildren – and in some cases, even a level lower
Granddad has been waiting for you for the last 28yrs
Some of your children are up there too – so you will be fine
We will miss you down here but I believe they and God need you more up there
I will hold Dad’s hand, and see that he gets thru this ok
You did your part, you lived a good life – now its time to rest.
Rest in Peace Cucu
Your legacy will live on through us
May God look after you till we meet again…
G xxx